Peroxide and strip, or die

It’s time for all good law-abiding citizens with a darkish exterior and heavy clothing to go into hiding or peroxide themselves into a more non-threatening color. Or at least avoid public transport. Or being outdoors. It’s “shoot on sight” if you *look* like a terrorist. See the quote below from the Jerusalem Post.

There’s this Heinlein book, The Puppet Masters, where everyone goes around half-naked to prove they’re not ridden by aliens. Else they get shot on sight. Darn, this guy could predict the future accurately. We’re already there. Now we must show we don’t wear bombs.

Do we actually need terrorists, when the police force is let loose on the population with a license to kill without provocation? Without cause? Without self-defense? Only on suspicions? Kill… think about this for a second… killed for wearing a heavy jacket!

I think the terrorists are winning. They are definitely winning.

PS: What if he’d actually been a bomber and had a “dead-mans grip”?

From an article in Jerusalem Post:

“Heavily armed officers patrolled the British capital with clear instructions to stop suicide bombers – if necessary, with a shot to the head.

“If you are dealing with someone who might be a suicide bomber, if they remain conscious, they could trigger plastic explosives or whatever device is on them,” said Mayor Ken Livingstone. “Therefore, overwhelmingly in these circumstances, it is going to be a shoot-to-kill policy.”

Some Muslims and civil libertarians expressed concern about the police’s Stockwell station shooting of the suspect – described by witnesses as being of South Asian appearance and wearing a heavy padded coat. Police chased him into a subway car, pinned him to the ground and shot him in the head and torso, an eyewitness said.”

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