Cool Plague, this

The following extracts gives me goose-bumps. They mingle concepts so beautifully. If you didn’t know what Warcraft was, it reads like far-out Sci-Fi. See SecurityFocus for the original story.

Last week, the game’s developer Blizzard Entertainment rushed out a patch that limited the ability to infect others to only within the specific adventuring area know as a dungeon, a move which contained the disease to at most 20 characters. While the company would not comment on the epidemics, which happened on several of the game’s servers, a spokesperson acknowledged the incidents and that the company had fixed the flaw.


The disease would have not spread from the original dungeon but for the efforts of griefers. The online roleplaying game equivalent to terrorists, griefers would teleport their characters to inhabited areas or used their pets as plague carriers to spread the disease to the general population of a server, according to postings on various community sites.


Other players have taken exception to the fact that entire cities had become plague-ravaged and dangerous to all but very high-level characters. The player of a high-level mage complained that the game became unplayable until Blizzard fixed the problem last week.

Now is this cool or what? It’s also a little scary, come to think of it.

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