Win on a Mac mashup

This must be one of the most schizoid desktops I’ve ever seen. Here I’m running Parallels’ most recent release of their virtual machine, build 3186, in “coherence mode”. If you look real close, or click on the image for the full size version (so you don’t destroy your eyes in the process), you’ll find the Delphi 7 development IDE and a compiled exe (Astro Journal 13) in the foreground; obviously Windows programs. You see Safari behind it, the OSX dock menu to the right and the Windows menubar at the bottom. If you look real close, you’ll even see two Delphi icons in the OSX dock. Yes, you can launch Windows apps that way, too.

This is nuts.

Desktop under Parallels Coherence

A very nice touch is that you can swap the control and command keys while in Windows, so you can use the standard shortcuts in OSX (cmd-C, cmd-X, etc) exactly the same way in Windows apps. I did discover, however, that if you’re using a non-english keyboard (I’m experimenting with learning to use a Swedish keyboard right now), you’re bound to run into differences between how Windows and OSX see that keyboard. After all, it is an Apple keyboard, and there’s no perfect mapping for that in Windows. I don’t know if one can expect Parallels to perfectly map all the language specific keyboards. On second thought, I think one can expect that.

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