Reflect on those constants

This falls in the category “neat tricks” and definitely under “DRY” (Don’t Repeat Yourself). When you have a list of constants that you need to save or retrieve, typically settings, you easily get into a situation where you have say 20 constant strings defining the names of your constants, and then a block of code going through the same 20 variables to retrieve or save them. When you add a constant, you’ve got at least three places to add code and then I’m not even counting the places where you actually use the settings value.

But using reflection in C#, you can easily make it so the system retrieves all your constants and their values into a dictionary at runtime and saves them back, using nothing but the declaration of the string constants.

This is an example of a declaration of the names of the values we want to save and restore:

And this is code that then gets the values of those constants and sticks them into a dictionary in runtime. The rest of the code is trivial and not worth reproducing here

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