What a strange piece

Can’t help commenting on this opinion piece on TechRepublic: The Apple Tablet will disrupt Apple’s device momentum. Just a few choice quotes:

… 1) providing good entertainment; and 2) providing flexible input and output. The success of the iPhone illustrates how correct I was in the first point. It stumbled into the entertainment angle.

Yes, sure, Apple “stumbled” into success.

In fact, every key innovation in PC technology for the past 30 years has been driven by gamers, but Microsoft, HP, and everyone else – including Apple with its largely accidental success with the iPhone – have ignored this in the portable electronic device market. And the whole time, I feel like I’ve been jumping up and down, screaming, “Deliver the games, become the dominant games delivery system – and the rest will follow!”

You didn’t scream loud enough, did you? Oh, btw, me and a lot of other people I know buy iPhones for other reasons than games, like for their business and connectivity apps, you know? Haven’t heard of those yet? Maybe if you stopped jumping up and down and screaming for a sec, you’d hear us talking about that.

“Take my word: The super-hyped Apple Tablet – which is supposed to be a convergence of the iPhone, the Apple Mac, and the netbook phenomenon – is going to be a failure”

What Apple Tablet? Nobody has seen one, but you already know what it’s going to be and even why it will ultimately fail.

Why will the Apple Tablet fail? The one thing consumers don’t want is another gadget that ultimately does the exact same thing as several other gadgets they already own, especially one that requires all kinds of contortions to move legally-licensed and legitimately-owned content around from device to device.

Yes, especially as Apple is known for making their users buy media again and again every time another product of theirs comes on the market. Like the last time people bought all their media on the Play-For-Sure system only to discover that it wouldn’t play on the new generation Apple Zune. We’re not going to walk into that trap again, are we? When will Apple finally learn to treat their customers with respect, like Microsoft does with their iTunes, which is not only DRM free but works across devices without new purchases being required.

Oh, wait, did I get that backwards?

Then I just skimmed through the rest, but if you feel like being abused by more of that bad thinking, please head over there and enjoy some more of these “insights”.

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