I can’t help it…

…but I have to show you this. I almost wet myself reading it.

	From:     Central Inteligency Agency 
	Subject:  From Central Intelligence Agency
	Date:      8 February 2010 9:22:14 GMT+01:00
	To:         undisclosed recipients: ;
	Reply-To: inteligencyofficer@yahoo.in

Central Intelligence Agency
City in Carter Lane, next to St.Paul's.

Att: Beneficiary,

This is letter from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) You was

reported in this office last year that you have been dealing with
some Nigeria Hoodlums through the internet, which we have monitored
you and confirm that you have sent so much amount of money to some
Hoodlums in the internet through Western Union and Money Gram all in
the name of transaction.

You have been advice to quit every communication that you have with
all those Hoodlums for the main time because we have marked some
trace on there email address and we are trying to get them arrested
and if you insist and continue with them you will be arrested, So
right now you are advice to disconnect communication with them and
give us details about them.

Get back to us as soon as possible.
Mr. Mualler
Central Intelligence Agency

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