Darn neat stocks feature on iPhone

Just read this in a forum post (Swedish, sorry ’bout that), and simply had to tell you.

In the Stocks app that comes with the iPhone, you can add in a number of other things than the most obvious, like this:

Add the exchange as a suffix. For example TLSN.ST results in the share price of TeliaSonera on the Stockholm exchange. The price and graph will be in Swedish Crowns.

The OMX index can be added as: ^OMXSPI

Even currency exchange rates can be added with the base currency followed by the target and then the string “=X”. Examples:


The first one will show the current exchange rate as Swedish Crowns per US Dollar. The others follow the same pattern.

Kudos to signature sebastian_r on the 99.se forum for this info. It’s just so damn neat…

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