Macport and mono

Just a heads-up: Macport quit working on my machine. Link errors, missing architecture in sqllite3 dynamic libs or something. After much agonizing, I began to suspect mono, especially since the sqllite3 library port wanted to link against was in the mono path. There’s a shell script in mono called that does a fine job of getting rid of it. Run that, and things work fine again.

I’m guessing the mono libraries are simply put in too early in paths, which may cause the problem, but since I’ve got actual work to do, I’ll just roll my eyes and get on with life.

Update: the above did solve most of my problems, but not all. After perusing more forums than I’d like to peruse, I hit on a remark from one of the Macport developers that you should always reinstall the entire Macport system after every major OSX upgrade. In other words, I installed my Macport under Leopard, then upgraded to Snow Leopard, so it got unhinged. The solution is to entirely remove the /opt/local directory contents, then reinstall Macport from source. Personally, I find it a little bit scary (like, is Macport really the only system using opt/local?) so I tarballed the directory first, just in case. But I don’t think that is necessary, but time will tell.

Anyway, after reinstalling Macport this way, the rest seems to have straightened itself out.

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