Beware of Network Solutions

…in particular if you’re a European company. I got an invoice ten days back with VAT added from them. Went and checked my account and there’s a VAT field there now, empty of course. So I filled it in and filed a support ticket about it. Waited a week, filed a new support ticket, more upset, especially since they promise response within 24 hours. This morning I got a phone call from them that they can’t refund the VAT. The guy claims they’ve sent out a notification about this in email.

Ok, maybe they did, but Network Solutions is sending out so much spam all the time, that if there was a notification about a VAT field being added to the account, there’s no way I would have seen that. Occasionally, other US companies charge VAT when they shouldn’t, but they’ve always been able to refund that once they get the number. Not so Network Solutions. Too lazy, too greedy, or simply don’t give a shit, I don’t know.

In short, they’re more expensive than other registrars, their customer support is crap, they spam me, so why do I keep using them? Good question, I see no reason.

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