EHR, the book

Back in January, I began writing a book on the Electronic Healthcare Record. Not how they work (they don’t), not just what’s wrong with them (most everything), but mainly going back to basics and figuring out what they are really for. Or should be for, more accurately.

Current systems are a marvel of bad design and misunderstandings of purpose. I’m trying in the book to figure out why, and what to do to improve on things. The contents range between the medical and the technical, taking side roads into politics, both the office kind and the real kind.

The contents are mainly based on the Swedish situation, but I welcome any input on how it is elsewhere. If I can be made to understand the differences, I’ll only be too happy to take that into account in the text.

I’m hoping with this book to make the stakeholder ask the right questions, else there is no hope we’ll ever get the right answers.

From today, I’ll publish my latest draft weekly (if I can keep it up) at:

I’ll welcome any comments in any form, but you’ll have to email them to me at, or even better, post them as messages on our forum. You can register for the forum at:

The intention is to have it ready for publication sometime in June 2014. I’ll publish it under our own name through one of the publish on demand sites.

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