Another near-death Apple upgrade experience

So I decided to upgrade my Macbook Air 11, late 2013 to Yosemite. After all, I’ve been holding off for a couple of weeks to make sure no major problems would surface and be reported on the net. Since everything seemed clear, I did it. Or, rather, I tried it.

First, I updated Audio Hijack Pro to eliminate a known problem with that. All other updates were done. I made a full image using SuperDuper (am I glad I did…). Then clicked the upgrade button in the AppStore. 

An hour for the download, fifteen minutes for the upgrade, which gets stuck at the “4 minutes remaining” mark for two hours, and then I do a hard reset. Boots, but crashes at login, back to login, becomes entirely unresponsive. No mouse movement, no nothing.

Now I’m in the process of restoring from the SuperDuper backup, which booted fine, albeit very slowly (running on an external USB disk, that’s to be expected). Let’s hope this works. It usually does, but you never know.

Really, Apple, what’s up with the quality control…?

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