Now I hate Microsoft even more

Went to start up my iMac to Bootcamp Windows 10. This is what happened:

IMG 2783

No question if I wanted to upgrade, no warning, no option to cancel, no effing nothing. What a total dick move. After 10 minutes, it has gotten to 10%, so if this goes on at the same rate, I’m looking at between one and two hours of this. Interrupting it probably bombs the whole thing. MS effectively hijacked the machine without my permission. I had something I wanted to do, but MS clearly doesn’t give a flying shit about that. If they’d done this at shutdown, I could have, maybe, somehow, a little bit, lived with it. But at startup? Are they completely out of their minds?

And, if you wonder, this is a paid full version of Windows 10, not the free upgrade kind.

I wonder what this huge update is for. No idea. Windows 95?

Update: it took a total of around 50 minutes, then another 10 minutes to update Apple’s Bootcamp video driver. The “copying of files” took about 30 minutes of that time, which probably corresponds to downloading time. Why doesn’t Windows download this stuff beforehand? 

All this on a 20 Mbit/s download ADSL and on a pretty darn fast machine (i7, 4GHz, 16 GB RAM, and a 1TB SSD). What this would be on an average machine, I can only have nightmares about.

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