Now I hate Microsoft even more, part II

Started my Win 10 instance under Parallels, and just one minute into working with it, I got this:



That gave me 8 minutes to get my stuff in order. The time when this showed up was 21:18. So I clicked “Close” and just got the close box on my accounting program and the system rebooted. So much for the eight minutes, which turned into more like 10 seconds.

Note, BTW, no way to postpone this at all. Nothing.

The evil and arrogant fuckers.

Oh, lest you think Microsoft really let me save correctly, I got this after restart from my accounting program:



It says, in Swedish: “The company wasn’t closed correctly. The company will now be optimized.” Meaning the index files will be rebuilt.

Microsoft really doesn’t give a shit about our data. Fortunately, I hadn’t started entering anything so the rebuild worked out fine.

One thought on “Now I hate Microsoft even more, part II”

  1. Sadly, it is clear that Microsoft no longer cares about the professional user at all.

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