All that remains is the laptop

Just watched the Apple computer event and it was really boring. All they presented were Macbook Pros. No Mac Pro, no iMac, no mini, nothing. Oh, and no Apple display.

The message I got from all this, and from the connectivity on the new Macbook Pro, is that Apple thinks that the Macbook Pro, in combination with the new LG 5k displays, actually can do the job of the iMac and the Mac Pro. That you don’t really need anything else. Or rather, that they can’t be bothered with it all anymore. Even during the ostentative computer event, they couldn’t keep from gushing about the iPhone instead. They’re simply bored with computers.

The Air is clearly on it’s last leg. The cheapest Macbook will cost substantially more than the Air when it’s gone, which to me means that schools won’t be able to afford them any longer. So that leaves, what? Lenovo and Dell?

It feels like the end of an era. I wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft is the new Apple. Just look at the Surface Studio.

2 thoughts on “All that remains is the laptop”

  1. Hi Martin,

    Just a word of gratitude, I managed to fix my friends Mako Razer with your C125 fix… worked a treat…. I used a 47uf 50V cap and worked srtaight away. Good of you to post this. Like you, I dont make anything on this but the satifaction of the fix is the reward.

    All the best

    1. Thanks for the mention.
      I did the fix almost one and a half years ago, and the Mako is still running perfectly fine.

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