Evil after all?

I habitually block outbound connections to tracking services like google-analytics.com. (I use Little Snitch for this.) Just because I don’t like them. Recently I noticed I often can’t connect to youtube.com, getting “server not found” errors. Amazingly, once I let google-analytics through again, everything works.

I haven’t verified exactly why this happens so I’m guessing the DNS for google-analytics resolves to at least some of the IP numbers for youtube, causing this to happen. Maybe not, maybe something else is happening.

But that’s not the important question. The thing that disturbs me more is if Google is intentionally making life difficult for people like me that don’t want excessive tracking of their surfing habits. Is that what is going on? Is it the start of a new and highly evil trend?

Little snitch rules for outbound filters
Little snitch rules for outbound filters

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