The real iPhone conspiracy

So I’ve used a Mac for a while and I’m just starting on iPhone development and a blinding flash of the almost-obvious strikes me. This is not the Blackberry killer or the Palm killer, it’s the long-fuse Microsoft killer.

Remember the monkey dance? Ballmer yelling “Developers, developers, developers!”, while jumping around like a neurally defective and sweating profusely (one could be excused for suspecting some cholinergic poison, but he lived through it, so that is not the answer). Right. I mean, he’s right. Developers is what makes or breaks a platform, but now he’s losing them, so he really has no reason to celebrate.

When Apple designed the iPhone, they could have created a special development system and language for it, but even though it may have been easier, they didn’t. They chose to tweak the development environment for OSX to include the iPhone, and by necessity, also putting OSX on the iPhone. The result of this is that if you want to develop for the iPhone, you have to get a Mac (strike 1), learn OSX (strike 2), learn Objective-C (strike 3), learn Cocoa (strike 4), and by then you’re so deeply immersed in the Mac environment that you won’t find your way out again. Since you can run your Windows stuff, including Visual Studio, just fine under Parallels or Fusion, you don’t need that Dell or HP machine for anything anymore, and you’re not sorry to see them go. In other words, you’ve got a developer that clearly isn’t going to like going back to .NET development again. I mean, once you’ve used these two environments (Xcode/Cocoa/Objective-C vs .NET/Visual Studio) it’s practically impossible to enjoy .NET anymore. It’s so far behind and so very clunky in comparison it’s almost a joke.

So, every developer you task with iPhone development is almost certainly lost from the .NET camp forever. This I can’t prove, but I’m convinced of it. But now is the question: who are these developers? Do they already develop for the Mac or are they from the “other” side? Again, by the seat of my pants, I’m convinced that a very large and increasing proportion come from large enterprise .NET development organisations that need to add a client for their large systems on the iPhone. See where this is going?

It’s only just begun.

Update: I suddenly realized that I fused two unrelated events together in my mind. Steve Ballmer did the monkey dance and yelled “Developers, developers…!” at two different, equally traumatizing, occasions. I’m not sure that’s any better, though. It’s all very disturbing.

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