Damn, I’m so proud of myself

This morning I started developing for the iPhone (it arrived two days ago, what took me so long?). After watching a load of presentations from WWDC 2009 (you have to pay for that, but boy is it worth it), I got really curious about Dashcode. This environment lets you develop web applications and it looked really impressive. So I took half an hour to implement a webapp based RSS reader. Then I spent a couple of hours trying to find out why it didn’t work. I still don’t know, but I think it’s due to crappy 3G performance in my living room. Works fine outside.

If you’ve got an iPhone, try it out for yourself. Once you’ve got it loaded in Safari, tap the plus sign down below and save it to the home screen. Next time you start it from the home screen as if it was a real app, it will look like a real app, without any Safari chrome to give it away. You’ll also notice that the icon is totally crap, just a grey rectangle. But what do you expect from a developer that only this morning started up the IDE for the first time?

If you open up this app in Safari on the desktop, that works as well, but looks like just any old web page, but grayer. In Firefox it fails. In Explorer… who cares?

The link is:


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