DoS your kids

Saw this “How old will you get?” site, in Swedish, linked from a friend’s Facebook page (or an ad, can’t really make it out, but that’s the nature of FB, right?):


Stupid site, don’t go there. But if you do go there, they ask you to register. So you don’t, but click “Starta testet” instead. Then they ask you for your email address, so you invent a dummy address, of course. Then they ask you for your personal number (before you Americans freak out, it’s not as secret as a social security number, but still, I wouldn’t give it to them), so you invent one. You’ve got a one in ten chance of making it a valid number, since only one digit is used as a check digit.

Anyway, after three failed tries, you get this:


Great! Love it. Which inspired me to think we could use this mechanism to stop other members of our little NAT tribe, since we’re all behind the same public IP, to get to that stupid site so our kids could give away email adresses and personal numbers to dubious people. Instead of blacklisting their domains in the router, let’s lock out our public IP by random login trials.

Not that I see what advantage the method has technically, but it’s just so cool turning their own tools against them.

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