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I just found another weirdness in Apple’s Objective C. If you have the same name for several components of an object path, the runtime starts stuttering and behaving very badly. Intermittently, you can’t scroll, or only extremely slowly, everything turns into molasses. No errors, mind, just mindbogglingly slow.

This stuttering and slowness seems to affect the simulator, mainly, not so much if you run code on your device (in my case the iPad). Also, if you run under instruments, things work better (Murphy strikes again), except I had it stutter under “Allocations” but not under other instruments.

I had these repeat names in two places in my code and resolving those two seems to have fixed the stuttering entirely. To illustrate what I mean, see this code snippet:

for (IDRBase *idr in {
   if ([idr isSuperCell]) break;
   CGRect newFrame = myCGRectDown(hugeFrame, verticalOffset);
   UIView *view = [idr getAsView:newFrame];
   if (view) {
      [returnView addSubview:view];
      verticalOffset += view.frame.size.height;

(Yes, it’s the same snippet as in the previous example with nil or not nil. Coincidence. My code does indeed consist of more than just this.)

In the very first line you see a property referred to as “”. That is what screws things up. Even though the two names “parts” refer to entirely different things, and even though the code actually delivers the values it should, this repetition of identical literal names confuses the crap out of the runtime, it seems. The solution is to not name these two things the same, of course. In this case, I changed the innermost “parts” to “aParts”, resulting in “”, and hey presto, no stuttering no more.

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  1. Yes, that is possible I compiled using GCC 4.0 back then, not sure. In the meanwhile, I’ve found that on this particular machine, the iPhone/iPad simulator is still prone to stuttering and long delays, even on trivial apps using GCC 4.2, so I’m beginning to wonder if this thing was a problem after all, even though it seemed to clear up my problems then, when I removed those chains.

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