The cutest little muscle machine ever

I got me that brand new Apple Mini with Snow Leopard OSX Server unlimited edition included. This is such an adorable machine, you wouldn’t believe it. It has everything you can wish for in a server, as far as I can make out after just a couple of hours with it. It’s super easy to set up and to monitor. It’s small, it’s beautiful, it’s almost totally noiseless, and seems to use hardly any power. When you feel the case, it’s just barely warmer than the environment and the same goes for the power supply. When I switch off everything else in the room, I can only hear the server running from less than a meter’s distance. It seems to produce about the same noise level my 13″ white MacBook does when it’s just started and perfectly cool. In other words, practically inaudible. Still, it’s running two 500 Gb drives in there, which I’ve set up as a mirrored (Raid 1) set.

I’ll probably brag about this system some more once I get to know it better. But meanwhile, it’s the nicest computer purchasing experience I’ve ever had. Except for the Mac Pro. And the MacBook. And the iMac, of course. And the iPhone. And Apple TV.


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