Reflowing a Macbook Pro GPU to no avail

My 2011 Macbook Pro 17″ failed again. A few years back, the GPU went bad so I sent it to a guy in the UK that replaced the GPU, and then it worked for maybe two years. It failed again a couple of months back, but I don’t think it’s worth having it repaired now. I did, however, just do a reflow on it for kicks. It didn’t fix the computer, though, but that won’t stop me from describing what I did. So this is an example of what doesn’t work.

I first removed everything removable from the main board and set it up in a preheater. I stuck the Fluke thermocouple into a mounting hole close to the GPU so I could monitor the temperature of the board.
This is the GPU the guy in the UK put in a couple of years ago. The thermocouple is the orange lead top right.
I set the hot air gun to 450 degrees Celcius and the air flow real low, so I wouldn’t blow away any components as the solder melted.
Once the board temperature reached 100 degrees, I started heating the GPU with the air gun. It took about two minutes until the GPU made minor movements and then I kept heating for another 15 seconds or so.
I then let the board slowly cool down until I got a reading under 50 degrees. Reassembled the computer and found it was still dead. Oh well, it was fun doing anyway.
The temperature curve from the Fluke.

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